Total Boss Club
Uplevel your Personality Intelligence™ and
Power Up your Self-Leadership

Exclusive Business Mentoring Program for the Entrepreneur who’s ready to own their worth and create a powerful time and money breakthrough

Amazing results from some amazing clients

"My life completely transformed with this program.

Business and self development development go hand in hand.

My biggest achievements were becoming a home owner after contemplating for so many years, quitting my mediocre government job for Real Estate full time, and being more confident with the decisions I have made.  

I’ve learned to eliminate excuses and create a solution oriented framework."

Jhannell E | Real Estate Sales Representative
"I can use my personality to become the best advisor I can.

I have not only discovered my limited beliefs but got rid of some of them which allows me to focus of the abundance of opportunities!

With her defined process, Andrea makes it easy for me to see the path I need to follow to be more effective, focused and happy!

I feel I am getting to know who Melanie is for the first time and bring out what has been buried for so long. "
Melanie R | Founder
The Assured Boutique
"I now have my own voice.

Before I wouldn't have stood up for myself - Emotional & Financial pressure kept me where I was.

I want the world to know that anyone can change.

We all have a mask."
Balbir P| Investor
"Been able to close big deals.

I'm able to attract my ideal clients in commercial $1 million+ deals and in residential over $600,000 sales.

My clients depend on me.

I'm able to focus, clearly communicate and get their results"
Sandra L | Real Estate Sales Representative
"I landed an international speaking gig

All of the work you have been helping me with has landed me a speaking gig at the Antigua Leap Business Conference on May 30 and June 1.

Thank you for your continue support and for pushing me into my greatness :)
Tanya S | International Speaker & Coach
"I no longer believe I have to work hard to make money.

We've learned how to conduct market research and are feeling more confident in our changes working towards our desired goals to work more freely.

I can see a lot of growth this year! I have so much more belief in myself!
Ashley W | Owner
Oh So Busy Cleaning

You're the kind of woman whose ambition it is to make more money joyfully while leveraging her femininity and one-of-a-kind personality; you're ready for a Quantum Leap, Clarity and Confidence to build your dreams on your terms.

Total Boss Club is for you if you're done with:
The overwhelm of doing everything alone
Shiny object syndrome that leaves you spinning your wheels
Cookie cutter programs that don't take into account your personality and your unique business goals
Hard selling strategies that have you feeling out of integrity and alignment
The Deadly Extremes: over-delivering with clients and creating a JOB that sucks up all your energy OR
working with clients just for the money and doing things because you feel like you have no choice
Programs that only focus on tactics while forgetting to address the Four Key Areas of Personal Growth  needed to succeed as a Female Entrepreneur: Your Mindspace, Heartspace, Healthspace & Soulspace™
Total Boss Club is for you if you want to:
Figure out what steps to take for your business creating renewed Belief, Faith & Passion for Life
Confidently shape, grow and leverage a high-income business with the Freedom to be YOU
Create irresistible offers and gain unsakeable confidence in asking for the sale

Discover your Personality Intelligence™
Find Your Inner Power (aka the real me), Unleash Your Abilities & Boost Your Self-Belief
10X Growth in Your Business by being connected to a like-minded, goal oriented community
of Big Vision Fempreneurs who challenge you to be the best possible version of yourself

Eliminate Stress & Overwhelm: Power up your Unconscious Mind to work smarter instead of harder,
transforming your Money Mindset and accessing your Full Potential
Attract Your Tribe and make a positive impact on the world
that allows all of us to grow in Abundance and Prosperity
Finally have the courage to launch yourself into "that thing" that you've been itching to do - a dream that's been bubbling up - even if don't know where to start or how to fit it in with what you do now
And you want accountability to make consistent, steady progress towards clear and tangible goals

Listened to what happened with Lindsay  A.
Founder of The Awakened Press & Best Selling Author
Don't take my words, see what these ladies had to say:

I initially started working with Andrea to get some help building my business (increasing sales.) What I took out of our program was so much deeper than that. After 3 sessions with Andrea, I not only identified what my roadblocks to success were… but also removed them entirely.

Typically my business runs dry over the holiday season. Not this year! I work with clients that suit me and my abilities.

This increased revenue has enabled me to slash my debt by half from $25,000 to $13,000 in 3 months. SO EXCITING!!!!

Paula Margulis | Real Estate Sales Representative
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The coaching was exactly what I needed to take a vague idea and make it into a successful business.  Without the coaching I could not have gotten this far.  I was able to develop myself personally and as a result develop a strong foundation for a unique business. 

Originally, I thought it would take me two years to get going; with Andrea’s help I had it done in six months. I am now set with a much clearer business concept, some successful projects completed, and the tools in place (or in development) to begin taking on clients.
Joy Mora | Real Estate Investor
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I just finished my 3rd breakthrough meeting with Andrea and it was a GAME-SHIFTER! It was literally like being out in the field and she just took me and put me back on track. I am clear about what I do, there's no little icky negative thoughts lurking anymore. I feel alive and with purpose again! This is how HUGE today's session has been for me!

PS. I just finished working with a client and had the surprise to be PAID IN FULL for the whole program! This was the first session after the intake. My client came with 2 cheques covering everything, to the last cent! Chaaaa-ching! Yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes! I'm going out now to celebrate. She was so content that she said I could call my package The Royal Package because I gave a royal experience! Thank you for teaching me how to create this experience for my clients. I am so grateful. Millions, millions of thank yous!

Romanita Ciobanu| Relationship Expert Coach
Limited space
Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I apply now? Isn't there still a lot of time?
First of all, success loves speed and money loves speed. And I'm a BIG FAN of people who make quick decisions. That's why I've got some Super Sexy Bonuses hidden up my sleeve.

Will applying guarantee I'm accepted into the program?
Applying is the first step to ensure that Total Boss Club is good fit for you, and that you're a good fit for us. Since it's an intimate group, participants are screened before an invitation is made to join us.

The second step is a "Launch Your Best Year Yet" call - a simple phone conversation where you get to tell me about your current business, goals, challenges and aspirations.

Is there a fee for applying? Does this lock me in to a commitment?
There is no fee or obligation for applying.  If you know this is the kind of program and community that you've been looking for, be BOLD and apply today.  Then, if it's a good fit, we'll take it from there.

What happens once I apply?
Once you click on "Apply Now", here's what happens:

1) You'll be taken to an applications with some short questions that help me get to know you.

2) When you finish up with the questions, you'll be directed to an online calendar where you can schedule your "Launch Your Best Year Yet" Call.

3) Your application will be reviewed.

How long is the review process?
We usually review applications within 48 hours to make sure that it makes sense for us to take the next step and get on the call.
What happens during the "Launch Your Best Year Yet" Call?
During this call, we'll get a chance to talk about your goals and vision for your business along with what's currently missing or stopping you. I'll give you 2-3 suggestions to help you get what you want and we'll create a plan to move you forward with confidence. Then, if you're a good fit for Total Boss Club, you'll be invited to join the party!
Will I get more clients?
Our focus is increasing your Personality Intelligence™ and expanding your self-leadership so that you have the freedom to be YOU while effectively communicating your value to your clients and customers. Getting more clients is just one of the many benefits of working with the root of your leadership. As part of Total Boss Club, you'll also leverage the Authentic Conversion System™ so that you increase conversions and gain unshakable confidence in asking for the sale. Like anything, we'll provide you with the tools, guidance and support. It's up to you to put in the work. (Ahem *I can't make your calls for you!)
How many women are accepted into Total Boss Club?
At this time, there are only 16 spots available. 5 of those are already taken (and we're just officially opening the doors!!!)
Will I get any personalized attention?
Absolutely! We realize that you tremendously increase your chances of success with access to personalized attention and coaching. That's why Total Boss Club includes both an individual and group component so that you get the best of both worlds: 1:1 support AND community. We help you by giving you a hand whenever possible.
Do I get Andrea as my coach?
For now, yes. In the future, there may be other coaches assisting the Total Boss Club members. 
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